Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dark Side

       Lately i have been thinking about joining the dark side of the force. They have it so easy, all they do is destroy and sit back and wait for us to come clean things up. Plus they have really cool powers, they can shoot lightning out of their hands and even have the force choke move that always gets me. I don't know why the light side has little to no powers at all. The only thing we can do is force push and pull. We also have the occasional light saber boomerang thing.

      I have been debating this for a while now. I mean i would be unstoppable, i would have all the wisdom of the force and all the powers, plus all of my hundred's of years of experience. People would fear me and i would be the king of all planets in my galaxy. Not even the Sith lord would be able to overcome me. I know i could never give into the temptation though, because if i did i would kill and ruin all the people im trying to help. Plus being in the good side also feels good too. I would hate to ruin all the people that have put their trust in me and the counsel.

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  1. I believe you are thinking this out very well, please keep us updated on all your decisions. You're blog is pretty sick, love the pictures.


Wisdom at its best

Wisdom at its best