Monday, September 23, 2013

This morning

      This morning i woke up to my Anooba ( hyena like creatures native to Tatooine) barking really loud at the neighbor. My Anooba's name is Keurig. I am hating life right about now, later on today i have to attend a eight hour meeting with the counsel. I'm pretty sure were gonna argue about how certain people have certain problems that don't even matter. I mean come on ive lived over 900 years and i don't have any problems. These dang counsel people need to get a life, and go live it without me. I have the right to be a grumpy and old fart. I have lived long enough to complain about these things.

       In the past few weeks i have been collecting light sabers, and this morning i have finally received my last one in the mail. It is my favorite saber out of my collection i am calling it The Raptor.

      Later that morning i decided to go and eat some bacon. When i was half way done with my third piece of bacon my Anooba attacked the rest of them. He somehow got out of the backyard, and it took me about an hour to get him back into his cage again. After that decided to check in with the counsel and found out that the clones are attacking a few if my friends. I decided to take a few Jedi and bust up in the bad guys arena.

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Wisdom at its best

Wisdom at its best